The Social Business Forum 2014 features a unique offer of keynote speech, success stories and discussion panels organized in a Free or Premium Conference.

The Free Conference include: the Keynote Speech of the morning, with visionaries and international experts, the Open Conference in the afternoon, with more than 10 world-class speeches and insights on the issues of social business and, finally, the Expo Pavillon, a dedicated area where you can discover and test the leading solutions of enterprise social software (Agenda in progress).

The Premium Conference includes all of the contents of the Free Conference plus a great business and learning opportunity: more than 24 case studies and success stories on social business presented by national and international leading companies. A practical way to highlight how social enterprise projects and initiatives have become indispensable and have created value through a more extensive involvement of the entire business ecosystem.

The interventions are organized according to six vertical divided by industry ending with a round table held by experts, pioneers and managers.

A unique learning experience!

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08.00 – 09.15 Registration
09.15 – 09.30 Welcome – Chairman: Emanuele Scotti imageEmanuele Scotti

CEO & Founder - OpenKnowledge

09.30 – 10.00 Rosario Sica imageRosario Sica

Chairman & Founder - OpenKnowledge

From Vision To Value
10.00 – 10.30 Michael BritoimageMichael Brito

Group Director at WCG

Why Social Business Adoption is Good For Marketing Strategy

In this session, attendees will learn how to leverage the fundamentals of social business adoption – people, process and platforms — to create better content, scalable communities, smarter marketing and more effective customer relationships.

10.30 – 11.00 Richard BeattieimageRichard Beattie

Senior Director EMEA, Oracle

What lessons can we learn from the best in Social?

Attendees will learn some practical advice on how great companies are bringing value and certainty to Social business; justifying their investments, hiring for success and creating change in their organizations.

11.00 – 11.30 Coffee Break – Expo Pavillon
11.30 – 12.00 Dave CarrollimageDave Carroll

Author, Musician, Social Media Innovator

Customer Experience in the Age of Social Media

While the media was quick to position “United Breaks Guitars” as a story of confrontation, Dave Carroll will share another perspective as the creator of the viral YouTube music video which has been termed “one of the most important in Google’s history”.  In the process of learning how a $150 music video has reached well over 150 million people Dave will demonstrate how his story is really one of brand building and non-confrontation and why embracing our connectedness and becoming a more caring organization is a benefit to all.

12.00 – 12.30 Francois Ruf imageFrancois Ruf

Principal Group Program Manager - Microsoft Dynamics CRM

How to make Social truly actionable for sales, marketing
and customer care

We are living in super connected world sharing billings of posts each day. Social Media changed the way how we consume information and interact. Did you know that your customers are 57% through the buying cycle before they contact you? Social data is a great way to get real time insights into your customers journey, planning and optimizing campaigns, generate leads or discover and nurture relationships with influencers. We will show you how to make social actionable

12.30 – 13.15 Ray Wang imageRay Wang

Principal Analyst & CEO at Constellation Research

+ Esteban KolskyimageEsteban Kolsky

Independent Analyst on Customer Strategies

The Chief Digital Officer
The CMO and CIO journey in Digital Transformation

One year later, The CIO and the CMO revisit lessons learned in digital business transformation and digital business model disruption The world renown CMO and CIO Esteban Kolsky and R "Ray" Wang switch roles and discuss how their lives have changed and how each have become more like a Chief Digital Officer. Learn: 1. How digital transformation has created new business models. 2. What digital DNA was required to build the right culture. 3. What some best practice approaches were to take advantage of digital business

13.15 – 14.30 Lunch break – Expo Pavillon
AFTERNOON PLENARY SESSION (Free Conference) - Chairman: Ilaria Baietti
14.30 – 15.00 Holger MuellerimageHolger Muller

VP & Principal Analyst - Constellation Research

How The Cloud changes Everything in Social Business
15.00 – 15.30 Laurence Lock LeeimageLaurence Lock Lee

Partner - OpenKnowledge Australia

Who would you like to sit near at work?
15.30 – 16.00 Aldo RazzinoimageAldo Razzino

Managing Director - Open Search Network

Recruiting at the Speed of Social
16.00 – 16.30 Mark TamisimageMark Tamis

Managing Partner - TouchFlows

Social business and customer journey management
16.30 – 17.00 Bertrand DuperrinimageBertrand Duperrin

Enterprise 2.0 Consultant - Next Modernity

Digital Transformation : the pitfalls to avoid.

Today more and more organizations are starting to consider their evolution, shifting from a technology driven perspective to a human driven one. This new trend is called Digital Transformation and is a prerequisite to go further in business transformations that requires a new DNA to be achieved at scale. However, many start with wrong assumptions that put their projects at risk because they misunderstand what’s at stake, their actual maturity and the role of technology. In this session we’ll explore the founding blocks of digital transformation, tackling assumptions organizations often start with and which lead them in the wrong direction.

17.00 – 18.00 Stefano Folli imageStefano Folli

President & CEO - Philips s.p.a

- Stefano Venturi imageStefano Venturi

CEO - Hewlett-Packard Italy

- Franco Moscetti imageFranco Moscetti

CEO - Amplifon Group

Round Table: The Digital CEO
Chairman: Enrico Sassoon imageEnrico Sassoon

Editor in Chief - Harvard Business Review Italia

18.00 Cocktail Reception offered by Birra Moretti & Networking
Idea-Driven Organization

Business and organizations are rapidly moving toward a participatory and social innovation approach, focusing on employees and ecosystem partners as co-creative and operant resources in idea management projects and organizational practices. In this track, companies and businesses will share their successful stories and cases on idea management and community-driven innovation

Collaborative Workspace

To be ready and resilient in the complex markets exploiting social learning and social knowledge, enterprises and organizations need to migrate their outdated workspace environments to collaborative architectures and practices. In this vertical, we’ll learn first-hand the organizational and business challenges to co-design and adopt new digital workspace and social intranet

Social Customer Experience

As customers are more and more digitally-savvy, socially-driven and connected, marketers and brands are forced to curate the social and digital customer experience. New marketing platforms, tools and practices are available today: social crm, customer journey, branded content, social data. In this section, we’ll discover great cases of next-gen customer relationship strategies

14.30 – 15.00 Dario ResnatiimageDario Resnati

Head of IT, CIO, IT Security Manger - BNP Paribas

Culture, Technology
and Social: Creativity
and Innovation Management
at BNP Paribas
Bruno Cocchi imageBruno Cocchi

ICT Director- Gruppo Coin

Cristina CocchettoimageCristina Cocchetto

HR Manager - Gruppo Coin

Social Learning
& Social Intranet:
Coin Group

The speech will summarize the history, backgrounds and perspectives between the Gruppo Coin Business Unit illustrating the ongoing initiatives (Social Learning, Social Intranet), the technologies and the governance models.

Luca CerantolaimageLuca Cerantola

Web & Digital Manager, Artsana Group

The digital customer-centric
strategy at Artsana Group:
community management,
digital loyalty, early
warning and social caring

At Artsana Group, reputation measurement and social customer service management are the foundational pillars of the worldwide digital marketing plan and the starting point to build an effective and complete multi-channel consumer journey. In this perspective, we are working to perform a social crm platform integrating profiles information, often fragmented and siloed in their original sources. Using an integrated social crm environment, we are able to activate engagement initiatives and loyalty programs exploiting the customer data derived from our different business touchpoints (digital, social, mobile and transactional channels)

15.00 – 15.30 Mario ChiaramonteimageMario Chiaramonte

Vice President Breaktrough Innovation - ENI

Pushing the limit
of Innovation

A crowdsourcing project to stimulate innovative ideas for new research initiatives is presented. A social network analysis approach was used to identify most innovative persons to be involved in the company (around 700 over 35 countries). More than 100 ideas related to 7 technological challenges were generated, raising about 600 contributions. Finally 6 ideas have been selected for research investments.

Remo PontiimageRemo Ponti

Internal Communication Manager at Intesa S.Paolo

Do or do not, there is
no try: How to set up
a Social Enterprise
and stay alive
Intesa Sanpaolo

L'introduzione di strumenti "Enterprise 2.0" in una banca è un'operazione delicata e pericolosa. Questa presentazione ripercorre il cammino compiuto nell'ambito della INTRANET dal 2006 al 2014 soffermandosi sui casi di successo ma anche su quelli meno fortunati, con l'obiettivi di fornire qualche utile indicazione a chi volesse intraprendere questo percorso di ... sopravvivenza!

Maria Valeria SuricoimageMaria Valeria Surico

Head of Connection - Danone

Launching a new brand
in the connected market:
Danone case
15.30 – 16.00 Demetrio MiglioratiimageDemetrio Migliorati

Enterprise Digital Organization - Banca Mediolanum

Digital Mediolanum &
Idea Management

The Digital Organisation in Banca Mediolanum, the Digital Mediolanum program, «Idea Management» project, the Organisational Network Analysis, Idea Management platform, the results.

Cristina ToselliimageCristina Toselli

Head of Internal Communication & Intranet - BPer

The New BPER Intranet:
a collaboration history
(Banca Popolare dell'
Emilia Romagna
Andrea CattaniimageAndrea Cattani

Head of Brand Communication & Digital and Business Development - Philips Italia

Building Social
Business Capabilities
in Philips:
our creation journey
16.00 – 16.30 Rodi BassoimageRodi Basso

Head of Sales & Marketing at Magneti Marelli Motorsport

Laptime Club: the first
idea generation community
for Motorsport

Laptime Club is the first innovation community for Motorsport. It is inspired by the social innovation trend and its goal is to generate new ideas in our field. The community has been addressed to a high technical profile audience and it has been designed to help developing new products and services to be useful and efficient to racing world. Initial focus has been on Wintax: data analysis tool from Magneti Marelli Motorsport capable to help Race Engineers to match data information with driver performance feeling and vehicle reliability check. Traditional innovation process was limited to customers inspiration and our own selection criteria. We count on a social model to increase number of ideas, benefit from other fields where performance is a must and review our internal decisional and collaborative process guiding our technical and business choices.

(Magneti Marelli Motorsport)
Francesca GiraudoimageFrancesca Giraudo

Training Manager - Vodafone

Vodafone : the digital
learning ®evolution

Luca SchibuolaimageLuca Schibuola

Digital Marketing Manager - Banca IFIS

Credi Impresa Futuro:
Social B2B e PMI
(Banca Ifis)
16.30 – 17.00 Round table
Chairman: Cosimo AccotoimageCosimo Accoto

Partner - OpenKnowledge

Round table
Chairman: Paolo CalderariimagePaolo Calderari

Managing Partner - OpenKnowledge

Round table
Chairman: Mauro LupiimageMauro Lupi

Partner - OpenKnowledge

08.00 – 09.15 Registration
09.15 – 09.30 Welcome – Chairman: Emanuele Scotti imageEmanuele Scotti

CEO & Founder - OpenKnowledge

09.30 – 10.00 Lee BryantimageLee Bryant

Founder at Postshift

Grow your own organizational structure:
New forms made possible by social technology

This talk will look at way social technology opens up new possibilities for organisational design and structure within mature companies, and how we can learn from new models and new management thinking to create more agile, autonomous organisations that are more innovative but cheaper to run

10.00 – 10.30 Gerard PuccioimageGerard Puccio

Chair & Professor at Buffalo State College

Creativity Matters:
why creativity is a Business Essentials and How to Develop it

A recent IBM global survey of executives identified creativity as one of the most crucial skills in today’s turbulent business climate. In the innovation age it is no longer possible for organizations to survive strictly through continuous improvement and cost cutting strategies. And because unprecedented levels of change define life in the 21st century, many now agree that creative thinking is an essential leadership skill. The purpose of this keynote session is to challenge the widely held belief that you are either born creative or your not, and instead demonstrate how creative thinking can be enhanced. The goal of the session is to challenge participants to think more creatively about themselves and their organizations

10.30 – 11.00 Paolo Degl’InnocentiimagePaolo Degl’Innocenti

Vice President Software, IBM Italia

Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance?
11.00 – 11.30 Coffee Break – Expo Pavillon
11.30 – 12.00 James GardnerimageJames Gardner

Senior Vice President Product - Mindjet

What's wrong with Innovation now?

Gardner explores the present state of the art in enterprise innovation management and challenges widely held notions of what works and what doesn't. Using this as a base, he elaborates on the future of innovation management and describes how the shifting demographics of organizations, coupled with emerging next generation systems and tools will drastically change the ways organizations transform and innovate in the next decade.

12.00 – 12.45 Cheryl BurgessimageCheryl Burgess

President & co-founder at Blue Focus Marketing®

- Mark BurgessimageMark Burgess

CEO & CMO at Blue Focus Marketing®

2014, The Year of the Social Executive

Today, it isn’t enough for the social executive to send in the plays from the sidelines – although providing direction and mission/vision/values to the organization is essential. The social executive needs to be a player as well. So, the analogy of player-coach comes into view. True social executives are players. They lead by example. They are active in social media from tweeting, to blogging to LinkedIn, and more – based on their particular interests and comfort zone. These social leaders are the managers of the future. Their use of social media tools is visible to their social employees, customers and prospects, as they build a culture of engaged, dedicated social employees.

Branding from the Inside Out

In an age where social media rips the covers off the behind-the-scenes aspects of business, leading brands are realizing the importance of encouraging their employees to develop social voices. “Branding from the Inside Out” will examine case studies from IBM, Dell, Cisco, Adobe, Southwest Airlines, and other leading organizations that have successfully created a social culture by establishing a shared sense of mission, vision and values. Brands are learning that if a brand cannot communicate internally it cannot communicate externally. It will focus on how successful social businesses ignite their brand’s story by encouraging employees to be socially fluent and engage within and outside their companies

12.45 – 14.00 Lunch – Expo Pavillon
AFTERNOON PLENARY SESSION (Free Conference) - Chairman: Ilaria Baietti
14.00 – 14.30 Joachim HeinzimageJoachim Heinz

Team Lead Social Business at Bosch

The Bosch journey towards social business

Bosch is a global manufacturing company with more than 280.000 associates and 280 plants worldwide. In 2012 Bosch launched a program to drive the evolution from business to social business. With the global launch of the social business principles and the internal social collaboration platform ”Bosch Connect“ in Sept. 2013 the first milestone was reached. So far more than 80.000 users populate the internal social network. In this session, you learn about our strategic social business program background and setup. You get insight on our adoption approach powered by our new social business principles. You will see examples on our thinking on social business processes and the value-add we generate. The presentation shows strategic measures regarding culture development and closes with an outlook on our roadmap.

14.30 – 15.00 Maria Cristina FerradiniimageMaria Cristina Ferradini

Head of Sustainability and Foundation at Vodafone

Presente Digitale
15.00 – 15.30 Mauro LupiimageMauro Lupi

Partner - OpenKnowledge

Multi-personality Marketing: Digital Transformation needs flexibility
15.30 – 16.00 Steve PonciniimageSteve Poncini

Senior VP of Worldwide Channels - Zimbra

User Experience: A Modern Approach to Collaboration
16.00 – 16.30 Cosimo AccotoimageCosimo Accoto

Partner - OpenKnowledge

Firms, markets, consumers do not exist "out there"
16.30 – 16.40 Conference concludes: closing remarks and vote of thanks
16.40 Cocktail Reception offered by Birra Moretti & Networking
Innovation Uncensored Digitally Marketers Food 4 Socializing
your Enterprise

How to think better with the Creative Problem Solving Model. The Creative Problem Solving program offers participants a rich experience in focusing how to think and act more creatively through Creative Problem Solving, a proven method for Innovation and Effective Thinking.

14.00 – 14.30 Gianluca TreuimageGianluca Treu

Founder & Ceo - Social Bullgard

Poste Mobile:
Social customer service:
how to become
best in class
Joseph Sassoon
Storytelling and
Social Media Success
Matteo CatulloimageMatteo Catullo

Presidente - Eventi Creativi

Gaia CatulloimageGaia Catullo

Hr Consultant

Paolo SbuttoniimagePaolo Sbuttoni

Innovation Consultant

Creativity Foundations

Introduction to the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) and the deliberate practice of creativity. We will introduce participants to the CPS model and to the dynamic balance of divergent and convergent thinking that supports it. There will be an opportunity for participants to discover how to apply and develop creative solutions to real challenges.

14.30 – 15.00 Elena Lavezzi imageElena Lavezzi

Community Manager - Uber

The marketing at 360
degrees: the role of
Community Manager 

From the customer experience to the web: how to constantly engage the user offline and online.

Paola BaravalleimagePaola Baravalle

Communication and Public Affair Director - Goodyear

Goodyear biz case:
When an organization
is driven by an idea.
From the Beginning

Ci sono organizzazioni che generano idee e idee che ispirano le organizzazioni. L'intervento racconta di un inizio professionale, in una customer centric-organization, dove ogni esperienza, training, azione, fluttua intorno all'idea che il business è una lunga marcia, dove il cliente e' al centro, dove il footprint non è un concetto digital ma un tratto distintivo del DNA e dove l'equilibrio è una dimensione bilaterale, che prende ispirazione dalla creazione del prodotto. Le organizzazioni più illuminate, secondo Goodyear, orchestrano prodotti, persone, risorse secondo una visione univoca e coerente.

Matteo CatulloimageMatteo Catullo

Presidente - Eventi Creativi

Clarifying Creative Challenges

Many efforts to apply creative thinking fail because the problem to be solved was poorly defined. Participants will focus on the importance of accurately assessing a situation and clarifying the challenge for which a creative solution is desired, before beginning to explore ideas or move to action. We will discuss the dual functions of gathering and examining data and making decisions regarding managing the creative process.

15.00 – 15.30 Giovanni MorianiimageGiovanni Moriani

Founder & President - Var Group Spa

Angelo ScuriimageAngelo Scuri

Project Manager - Innovation Area - Cabel Industry S.p.A.

Innovating and shortening
distances: completely
remotely managing
the service center

Designed for the Bank Industry, the innovative “virtual operator” store aimed at the selling of products and advice through remote management tools, it opens the market: Insurance, Telecommunications, P.A., Utilities etc. A new concept that allows you to completely and safely approach the customers effectively, reduce costs and innovate the distribution model.

(Var Group - Cabel)
Andrea Cornelli imageAndrea Cornelli

VicePresident & CEO - Ketchum Italy

At the very center
of the vortex:
Total Brand
Experience Strategies
Gaia CatulloimageGaia Catullo

HR Consultant

Generating Ideas

A key stage of Creative Problem Solving: Transformation. Participants will examine how to move from a creative challenge to producing novel ideas that can be crafted into useful solutions. We will discuss and examine how it can be used to encourage flexibility of thought and the production of original ideas. Participants will also focus on how to assess and develop ideas into workable solutions.

15.30 – 16.00 Francesco MarinoimageFrancesco Marino

Director - Digitalic

Social Media Hardware

How new hardware are changing the way we interact and buy online

Roberto CobianchiimageRoberto Cobianchi

Owner - Mimulus, Founder -

From Foursquare to
Beacon: retail tra
location & micro-location

5 years ago Foursquare has brought relevance to the physical space by creating a connection between the customer and the location. iBeacon technology is able to deepen this connection creating new options of interaction between the micro-location and the customer.

Paolo SbuttoniimagePaolo Sbuttoni

Innovation Consultant

Implementing Solutions

The critically important stage of Creative Problem Solving: Implementation, where we examine proposed ideas and solutions and focus on how to bring them into reality. Participants will engage in examining how to understand the interrelated conditions that support or hinder the success of an idea. Participants will also focus and look at how to devise a workable plan for attaining desired results and how to effectively monitor its effectiveness.

16.00 – 16.30 Round table
Chairman: Giuseppe Riva imageGiuseppe Riva

Professor - Università Cattolica

Round table
Chairman: Gianni RusconiimageGianni Rusconi

Editorial Director - Technopolis

Round table
Chairman: Carlo Galimberti imageCarlo Galimberti

Professor - Università Cattolica